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Thank you to all members who came out to the Board Meeting on Tuesday May 14th in support of a fair contract and to rally for respect. With your help we were able to show the Board of Trustees and Superintendent HArwick that we stand together and will not give up (even if it means waiting 4.5 hours to be heard). Fires were lit as members, students, former students and parents expressed their support for the work being done by ALL in HBUHSD schools.

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Kevin Tison (FVHS Choir Director) has the support of his students for transparency and respect by Superintendent Harwick.


ACTION 1 -April 9, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting

You can relive (or travel back through time to hear) the hopeful words expressed by representatives from various campuses. Videos of the speeches can be found by following our Instagram @hbDEAteach. These words should inspire members to stay up to date on contract negotiations and continue to answer the call when needed while giving the Board of Trustees and HBUHSD Administration pause to reflect on their negotiations practices.

Special thanks to Shawne Hume of Marina HS for providing a united voice to our message and Tim Boyd of Westminster HS for all the images.



Presented by Rose Molina (Coast HS)


Presented by Ashley Houlette (Fountain Valley HS)


Salary Statistics

Presented by Carissa Rice (Huntington Beach HS)

Health Care

Presented by Shawne Hume (Marina HS)


Pay = Respect

Presented by Chris Dornbush (Ocean View HS)


Value of Quality

Presented by Jason Jackson (Edison HS)

applause m.jpeg


Presented by Cathy Uzzi (Westminster HS)

A standing ovation for our speakers and all the support by members, their friends and family, and members of CSEA Chapter 157.