Safe Zone

The California Teachers Association believes that all students and education employees deserve a safe learning and working environment. Local school districts and state agencies must take all necessary steps to make schools safe for students and school employees.

CTA believes that discipline, order, and safety are essential for an environment conducive to learning. A truly safe school setting must extend beyond freedom from danger to freedom from fear of danger, which inhibits teaching and learning as well as participation in school and community activities. Students must be safe from physical, verbal, and psychological violence.

CTA supports legislation that makes schools and the surrounding environment a drug free zone, and an area free of guns and knives and other harmful weapons. And at a minimum, each classroom should be equipped with an electronic device for communication purposes between each classroom and the school office.

Educational facilities must be smoke-free and safe from all environmental and chemical hazards, including lead from water pipe systems within schools, inadequate ventilation, and sick-building syndrome. The Association urges the establishment and vigorous enforcement of stringent standards at least equal to the private sector standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure health and safety.

Students must be safe from the time they leave home until they reach school, during school and on their return. This safety must be protected regardless of the mode of transportation.