New Year...New Resolutions

With the new year, comes the annual resolutions that we make to try to improve our lives.  Exercising more, losing weight and saving more money typically rank among the top promises that we make to better ourselves.  This year I would suggest that we each add kindness to our resolutions. Divisiveness and unkind acts toward one another has become all too pervasive in our society. From the way we treat one another to the way we speak to one another.  It is inspiring to walk on to campuses throughout our district and see how much love and kindness our staffs offer to our students on a daily basis. It is this spirit of giving all that we can and expecting nothing in return that lies at the root of our inspiration to enter into this profession.  So, let’s pause as we quietly enter into these solemn resolutions to remember to first be kind.

Yours in unity,

Shawn Werner

 DEA President

Carissa Rice