No I in Team!

“A player who makes a team great is better than a great player.” – John Wooden

Today I have the honor of representing our president in writing this message. I would like to focus on teamwork because Shawn is a leader that makes our DEA Team great. Working alongside Shawn for several years, I continually have a front row seat watching as he diligently works selflessly to make our “team” great. His humor, patience, professionalism, optimism and great knowledge of our contract and culture enables him to be just that, someone who makes others around him better. Shawn has put together a great negotiations team that is working actively to reach a fair and equitable resolution and one that is in the best interest of our DEA members.


Even though the end of the year is near, we still have much work to accomplish. Being able to trust and rely on others around us can make all the difference in whether we are able to accomplish what we seek. We all know there are ongoing issues of which some are more difficult to solve than others. This is when we need to rely on each other more, trust each other more and trust the process. We have to believe and hope that with all our concerted efforts we will get the end results that we desire.

Thank you for being the player that makes our team better. Have a great day!

Yours in unity.

Darla Merrill

DEA Vice President

Carissa Rice